When you support a locally owned company:

  • Profits remain local and are invested in the community.
  • Local businesses support local charities, events, teams, churches, and organizations.
  • Owners, managers and employees are integral to and contribute to the community because they are part of it.
  • Local businesses offer choices that chain or national companies don’t.
  • Independent businesses are owned by people who live in the community.
  • Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally.
  • Local businesses hire people with a better understanding of the products they are selling.

NEMEON is a purchasing cooperative comprised of over 180 independent roofing and siding distributors with over 500 locations nation-wide.  NEMEON members create strong, mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships with the industries' premier suppliers.  These suppliers extend to the NEMEON members quality products, fair pricing, superior service and a first rate reputation.


The name was taken from ancient Greek mythology
NEMEON was the most powerful lion in the world. This symbol expresses the "legendary" quality of the mythical lion. A lion is a symbol of strength, power and unity perfect for a cooperative.

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